30 Seconds On The Clock: Alex Jeannotte, Cross Country

30 Seconds On The Clock: Alex Jeannotte, Cross Country

Why Clark?

The small campus and the core values of Clark



Future Plans?

Not entirely sure but definitely ditching the Northeast ASAP.

Career Plans?

Working with an organization helping others, so Clarkie.

How many miles do you run during a week in preparation for a race?

The weeks fluctuate, probably about 30 miles give or take.

What do you think about when you are running all those miles?

A lot of random things. Sometimes nothing. Running is a time for me to take a break from my day and reflect or relax.

What Do You Like Most About Being A Student-Athlete?

Being a Student-Athlete keeps me pretty on point with my assignments and restricts my time frame for procrastination.

If There Was One Thing You Could Change About Clark What Would It Be?

The ongoing construction outside my window.

What App Can You Not Live Without?

The weather app.

Favorite TV Show And Why?

The Office because how can you not like The Office?

Name One Thing On Your Bucket List?

Get my pilot's license.

What Is The Best Part About Going To School On An Urban Campus?

The integration of the community and the university. I feel like Clark is pretty well aware of its surroundings and tries its best to accommodate and prosper the Main South area as best it can.  

What Is Your Dream Job?

Something I'm happy to be at every day, which isn't exactly a reality in today's age.

Who Is Your Favorite Person To Follow On Twitter?

No twitter

What Is Your Favorite Part Of Being A Student At Clark?

The amount of diversity at Clark makes it one of a kind