30 Seconds On The Clock: Sarah Sachs, Women's Tennis

30 Seconds On The Clock: Sarah Sachs, Women's Tennis

In our most recent 30 Seconds On The Clock, women's tennis captain Sarah Sachs gets a lot of high praise from her coach, shares her love for Shakira and lets you know what app she can't live without.

What They Are Saying About Sarah Sachs:
"In all my years of coaching I've not had the pleasure of working with a captain such as Sara Sachs. A natural leader, a caring thoughtful, funny and talented player in her own right, she is the embodiment of what every captain should model themselves from. No ask is too big or inconvenient for her, despite her course load. She is the first to offer assistance to any player on the team. She is often the first on the court and last off the court. A motivator through and through, I will be sorry to see her graduate this year."– Clark University women's tennis head coach Helaine Vrana

Why Clark?
It's hard to explain but it feel like the place that I could call my home and the people, professors, and environment help me to become the person I want to be. 

Global Environmental Studies

What Is This Best Part Of Going To School On An Urban Campus?
There is always something going on and with that never a dull moment. 

If There Was One Thing You Could Change About Clark, What Would It Be?
The food in the cafeteria.

When Did You Start Playing Tennis?
I started playing when I was five. My dad gave me a big bat, blew up some balloons and taught me how to make contact with a ball.  

Best Advice You Have Ever Received From A Coach?
Never dwell on one point, always keep moving with your head up.  

Any Pre-Match Rituals?
I listen to good pump up songs and clear my head.   

In Five Years You Will Be …
Hopefully working at a job I love.   

Favorite Vacation Spot

Favorite Movie?
The Parent Trap  

Song That You Can't Get Enough Of?
"Loca" by Shakira 

Favorite App?
Mapquest. It saves my life way too often  

Best Sporting Event You Ever Attended?
The US Open 

If You Could Get Front Row Seats To See Anyone Perform In Concert, Who Would It Be?

If You Could Be On Any Magazine Cover, Which One Would It Be?
Probably People or Vogue 

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