Cougars Capture Crowns At First-Ever Hard Court Triples

Cougars Capture Crowns At First-Ever Hard Court Triples

Newport, R.I. - Chilly temperatures and wind couldn't stop Clark University women's tennis players from claiming titles at the first-ever Hard Court Triples Tournament hosted by Salve Regina University on Saturday afternoon at the LeRoy Street Courts.

The "triples" came in the form of three players from each school entered in three different flights to have a round-robin matchup with each of the other three schools. Each player had to play doubles twice (both with a different teammate as partner) and singles once.

In Triple A, the Cougar trio of Paola Anasi (Managua, Nicaragua), Phoebe Hughes (Parkland, Fla.), and Gaby Suriano (San Salvador, El Salvador) captured the flight championship with 41 points in six matches. Suriano posted an 8-0 singles victory in her first match and then helped her triple with a pair of doubles wins.

Salve Regina's entry in Triple A - juniors Ana Gwozdz, Elizabeth Liguori, and freshman Kasey Walther - won all three of their doubles matches, the only trio to sweep an event (doubles or singles).

UMass Dartmouth had a pair of wins during singles play in Triple A - Nicole Pelletier and Hannah Schulze - and came up just short against Hughes.

The Cougars and Corsairs competing in Triple B were separated by just one point. In a head-to-head meeting, Clark's Kera Snyder (Portland, Maine) took an 8-2 decision in singles while UMass Dartmouth's Allison Furtado and Angela Pollard won their doubles match by the same score.

Maggie Swann (Portland, Maine) later earned a singles victory for Clark while her teammates, Snyder and Rebecca Kravetz (Wayland, Mass.), held on for a 9-7 doubles victory over Salve Regina's Meg Olson and Isabelle Weatherby.

Emily Glass of Johnson & Wales won all three matches in which she participated, two doubles wins with her assistant coach, Erin Auclair (a one-time Seahawk in 2000), and an 8-3 singles win over Kravetz.

Kravetz' three games in the final match of the day were just enough to put the Cougars ahead of the Corsairs, 38-37.

Salve Regina Women's Hard Court Triples
04/06/13 at Newport, R.I. (Leroy Avenue Courts)

Singles competition 

Gaby Suriano (Clark) def. Elizabeth Liguori (Salve Regina) 8-0
Nicole Pelletier (UMass Dartmouth) def. Stephanie Piperis (Johnson & Wales) 8-3
Hannah Schulze (UMass Dartmouth) def. Ana Gwozdz (Salve Regina) 8-5
Darcy Predieri (Johnson & Wales) def. Paola Anasi (Clark) 8-4
Phoebe Hughes (Clark) def. Elizabeth Cignoli (UMass Dartmouth) 9-7
Laura Schwenk (Johnson & Wales) def. Kasey Walther (Salve Regina) 8-3
CLA-21; JWU-14; UMD-23; SRU-13

Kera Snyder (Clark) def. Alex Post (UMass Dartmouth) 8-2
Meg Olson (Salve Regina) def. Victoria Ricciardi (Johnson & Wales) 2-2, retired
Maggie Swann (Clark) def. Elizabeth DiFilippo (Salve Regina) 8-1
Angela Pollard (UMass Dartmouth) def. Isabelle Weatherby (Salve Regina) 8-0
Emily Glass (Johnson & Wales) def. Rebecca Kravetz (Clark) 8-3
CLA-19; JWU-10; UMD-18; SRU-9

Liz Girczyc (UMass Dartmouth) def. Lindsey Macedo (Salve Regina) 8-4
Julie Grant (Salve Regina) def. Bridget Avallone (UMass Dartmouth) 8-5
UMD-13; SRU 12

Doubles competition 

Ana Gwozdz/Kasey Walther (Salve Regina) def. Paola Anasi/Phoebe Hughes (Clark) 8-4
Darcy Predieri/Laura Schwenk (Johnson & Wales) def. Elizabeth Cignoli/Hannah Schulze (UMass Dartmouth) 8-5
Elizabeth Liguori/Kasey Walther (Salve Regina) def. Elizabeth Cignoli/Nicole Pelletier (UMass Dartmouth) 8-5
Phoebe Hughes/Gaby Suriano (Clark) def. Stephanie Piperis/Laura Schwenk (Johnson & Wales) 8-3
Paola Anasi/Gaby Suriano (Clark) def. Nicole Pelletier/Hannah Schulze (UMass Dartmouth) 8-1
Ana Gwozdz/Elizabeth Liguori (Salve Regina) def. Stephanie Piperis/Darcy Predieri (Johnson & Wales) 8-6
CLA-20; JWU-17; UMD-11; SRU-24

Allison Furtado/Angela Pollard (UMass Dartmouth) def. Rebecca Kravetz/Maggie Swann (Clark) 8-2
Erin Auclair/Emily Glass (Johnson & Wales) def. Elizabeth DiFilippo/Isabelle Weatherby (Salve Regina) 9-7
Rebecca Kravetz/Kera Snyder (Clark) def. Meg Olson/Isabelle Weatherby (Salve Regina) 9-7
Erin Auclair/Emily Glass (Johnson & Wales) def. Angela Pollard/Alex Post (UMass Dartmouth) 8-3
Allison Furtado/Alex Post (UMass Dartmouth) def. Elizabeth DiFilippo/Meg Olson (Salve Regina) 8-5
CLA-19; JWU-17; UMD-19; SRU-19

Alia Barefoot/Julie Grant (Salve Regina) def. Bridget Avallone/Lindsay Butler (UMass Dartmouth) 8-3
Lindsay Butler/Liz Girczyc (UMass Dartmouth) def. Alia Barefoot/Lindsey Macedo (Salve Regina) 9-8 (7-3)
UMD-12; SRU 16