30 Seconds On The Clock: Breanna Tucker, Women's Diving

30 Seconds On The Clock: Breanna Tucker, Women's Diving

When Did You Get Involved In Diving? 
I got involved in diving my freshman year of high school. I started about a week after I quit gymnastics. I was a gymnast for many years, but switched to diving to save my body just a tiny bit. With all of my concussions and broken bones from diving, the 'saving' hasn't worked out too well. 

Talk About The Season You Had Last Year. It Seemed Like You Came Out Of Nowhere. Did You Have A Quiet Confidence?
I got pretty passionate about diving towards the end of my freshman year here. Before that, diving was much more of a casual hobby of mine. After I decided to get serious about it, I got a lot better very quickly. I dedicated my time and love to the team and to my career diving, so I guess that's where I came from. It didn't seem like I came out of nowhere to me, since I had been working so hard to make my goals. 

How Much Did You Learn By Being Able To Watch Eileen Garcia?
I definitely learned a lot from Eileen. She taught me how to set goals and truly dedicate my time to accomplishing them. She was also a beast diver, so watching her really motivated me. I think the more valuable lesson I learned from Eileen, though, was to truly love the sport of diving and to have fun doing it while staying focused. We would get on the boards and break out into spontaneous dance parties, our coach was always so thrilled. 

How Did Someone From Southern California Find Clark University?
Well my classic line for this answer is "my cousin goes here." My cousin is Karissa Senterfitt, who was on the team my freshman year as a senior. I found the school through her, researched it more extensively, and I guess the rest is history. 

What Was The Hardest Thing About Adjusting To Life On The East Coast?
Undoubtedly the cold. I am from right outside of San Diego, so it never really went below 50 degrees there, and even that was very cold. So, the snow and the cold was a lot to adjust to. Surprisingly, I have grown to love it. Ask me in a couple more years, though, and I may not love it so much. 

The First Time You Stood On A Diving Board Were You Scared?
I think the first time I stood on a diving board I was probably six, so yes, I was probably as scared as any child should be. I'm sure I loved it after a couple jumps into the water, though; I was always a rather fearless child. 

If You Could Participate In Any Swimming Event, Which Would Be Your Choice?
Can I choose 'D', none of the above? No, If I were to choose an event I would be a sprinter. I am actually a decent swimmer, I just have zero endurance. 

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?
Probably in some remote forest doing some hippie-style art therapy or energy healing.

Because Your Season Starts In Late September And Continues Into March, How Do You Pace Yourself From Not Getting Burned Out?
Oh you get burned out, but you trick yourself into believing that you aren't... especially since my season typically extends past most of the team. I think it helps that I view diving as my stress reliever and daily therapy. Smacking and flipping and being terrified seems to calm me... what can I say you have to be mostly crazy to be a diver. 

What Is Your Favorite Place To Study On Campus?
You know, I really love the 4th floor of the library. There is this little study tucked away in a corner with an awesome chair and a lamp! The lamp does it for me. Also, I love to go to the art building and study there. The energy of that building calms me. 

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