I Know What You Did Last Semester: Jenna Zarou, Women’s Soccer

I Know What You Did Last Semester: Jenna Zarou, Women’s Soccer


Cape Town, South Africa

What was the best thing about your trip?
The best thing about my trip was definitely volunteering at Manenberg Primary School. The students at the school were all so welcoming, happy and full of life, despite the difficult cards they have been dealt. Working with them changed my life in more ways than one.

South Africa at one time was a symbol for racism and inequality. Did you still see that during your trip?
I could go on for a while with this question, but yes, I saw a good deal of racial inequality during my trip.
What was the hardest part about being away from America?
Being away from my family and dog. I missed my family so much and it didn't help that my little sister asked me almost everyday when I was coming home. 

Did you have any fears or reservations about taking the trip?
My only fear was being away from home and my family for such a long time. After the trip, I feel it was definitely worth it to push boundaries and go beyond my comfort zone. 

How did this trip help you with your career plans?
I most likely plan on becoming a special education teacher when I am done with school. Working in a second grade classroom in Cape Town, gave me out of the box experience to help me down the road. 

What methods did you use to fundraise the money to help with the library?
My partner in creating the library, Alyssa and I set up a fundraiser on indiegogo, a fundraising website. We shared the link with our friends and family to get the word out. Social media helped us spread the word, and even author Jodi Picoult tweeted our fundraising page, to help us raise funds for the library. 

Was there a specific reason you chose to create a library?
I chose to create the library because after my first few visits to Manenberg Primary School and talking with the principal and teachers, they stressed how big of a problem literacy was at the school. Alyssa and I felt that creating a library for the school could help create a positive reading culture while in turn increasing literacy rates at Manenberg Primary. 

Outside of your work at the school and taking classes were you able to explore? If so, where was your favorite place to go?
Yes, my favorite place to go was definitely hiking Table Mountain and Lion's head. Being on top of Lion's head and looking over all of Cape Town just felt like you were on top of the world. 

What is one thing that you will take away from your trip that will stay with you forever?Well there are two things, one being to always be thankful for what you have. The second being, you can learn just as much about yourself in helping others, as they learn from you.

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