30 Seconds On The Clock: Megan Grondin, Women’s Basketball

30 Seconds On The Clock: Megan Grondin, Women’s Basketball

When Did You Start Playing Hoops?
5th grade 

What Are Your Personal And Team Goals For This Season?
My only goal is to win the NEWMAC Championship. 

What's Your Favorite Part Of Being A Student At Clark?
All the incredible people I have met here. 

Do You Have Any Time Management Secrets When It Comes To Balancing Academics And Being A Student-Athlete Who Has A Season That Runs So Long?
Don't procrastinate. If I have a free hour with no class and no ball, there is always work I could be doing. 

What Has Been Your Fondest Memory About Being A Student-Athlete At Clark Thus Far?I'm not sure that I could pick one. But I was most likely playing ball or with my team.    

What Is Something You Know Now That You Wish You Knew When You Were A Freshman?
Image doesn't matter, your friends will change, and you can't stay 18 forever. 

Who Is Your Favorite Person To Follow On Twitter And Why?
I follow a lot of health and fitness accounts so every time I go on Twitter it motivates me even more.

What Is An App You Can't Live Without And Why?
Key Bank. It reminds me of how broke I am so I don't spend more money. It's great. 

What Song Plays Nonstop On Your iPod?
'Mexico' James Taylor 

It's Late Night At The Bistro, What Are You Getting?
Chicken pizzarita. Obviously. 

What Is Your Dream Job?

What Is The Best Part About Going To School On An Urban Campus?
All the great food places around. 

If There Was One Thing You Could Change About Clark What Would It Be?

Favorite TV Show?
Parks and Rec

If You Could Be On Any Television Game Show, Which Would It Be And Why?
Fear Factor. Because its scary and gross and awesome. 

Name One Thing On Your Bucket List?
1. Make a bucket list.

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