Clark Boats Shine In Sunday Races

Clark Boats Shine In Sunday Races

Worcester, Mass. - Both the Clark men's and women's rowing teams turned in solid performances on Sunday afternoon in head-to-head races on Lake Quinsigamond.

The men's second varsity four scored a first-place finish with a time of 7:17.2 ahead of a pair of Amherst boats and Massachusetts-Maritime.

Meanwhile, the men's second novice four also collected a win with a time of 7:33.5.

The women's varsity four turned in a second place finish with a time of 8:13.5, nearly a full minute ahead of third-place Brandeis.

Amherst 8:29.4
Clark 9:03.1 (Shannon Palmer, Lily Morgenstern, Ann Rokosky, Julia Greenspan, Selin Volkan)

Amherst 7:35.4
Clark 7:43.6 (Alex Bird, Nick Usman, Max Winslow, Wade Packer, Doug Crellin) Mass Maritime 7:59.0

Amherst 7:12.2
Clark 7:19.0 (Kristin Cullity, Andy Newton, Andrew Gager, Mike Smith, Matt Lavigne)
Mass Maritime 7:38.3
Brandeis 7:58.4

Amherst 8:36.3
Mass Maritime 8:51.3
Clark (3V4) 9:44.4 (Shannon Palmer, Ann Salerno, Ann Rokosky, Maggie Flicker, Brenna McCauly)
Brandeis 10:33.5

Amherst 7:58.2
Clark 8:13.5 (Gen DeAngelis, Katy Nowoswiat, Rachel Goldin, Stella Doughty, Kaite Brasington)
Brandeis 9:12.8

Clark 7:17.2 (Julia Weiler, Adam Miller, Matt Manley, James Spina, David Brown)
Amherst 7:30.6
Amherst B 7:49.2
Mass Maritime 8:29.7

Clark 7:33.5 (Kristin Cullity, Wade Packer, Max Winslow, Tom Rodriguez, Doug Crellin)
Amherst 7:44.1
Mass Maritime 8:41.1