Inside The Huddle: Matt O'Toole, Men's Soccer

Inside The Huddle: Matt O'Toole, Men's Soccer

What Is The Biggest Challenge You Face As A Coach At Clark?
Parking in the Kneller garage. 

If The Clark Administration To Do One Thing To Help The Men's Soccer Program, What Would It Be?
Create graduate assistant positions or make my assistant coach position full time. 

What Is The No. 1 Thing You Look For When Recruiting Student-Athletes To Clark?Character and Accountability. 

What Has Been Your Favorite Moment At Clark Thus Far?
My office was being painted my first week on campus so I setup in the academic commons lobby. I enjoyed seeing the students interact and must have heard five different languages my first day. It was a true introduction to how unique Clark is with a great variety of people and passions. It was a moment that registered for me and has been used quite frequently when I describe the opportunities this University can offer potential students. 

How Soon After The 2013 Season Ended Do You Start Preparing For The 2014 Season?
We are recruiting potential students year round, so the preparation is woven through our competitive Fall season. High school seniors and juniors are making campus visits and meeting with admissions while we evaluate their academic and athletic potential.  I would say that we flip the 'preparation switch' for the next campaign immediately after completing our Fall season as we start aligning the pieces for the 2014 team. 

It's Five Minutes Before A Game, What Is Going Through Your Mind?
We have just finished our warm-up and the starters are lining up for the national anthem. I am focused on how we have prepared for the opening minutes of the contest to unfold and are hoping that we are able to set the tone for those minutes and maintain that performance through the first phase of the game.

When Did You Realize You Wanted To Be A Coach?
Looking back it probably began my final year in college as I began to critique our training sessions with regard to purpose and intent of the activity. After graduating I stepped right into coaching and have not looked back.

How Would You Describe Your Coaching Philosophy?
I tend to be pretty direct in my feedback and expectations - I don't believe in grey areas in conversations, so my students have a good grasp of where they stand.  I choose to be in DIII athletics for the balance of academics and athletics so my overall goals are multilayered in respect to my students' success.

What Are Your Hobbies Away From Coaching?
Reading, pushing my 3 year old daughter on her swing, endlessly throwing the ball for the dog and recruiting.

What Is The Genre Of Music You Dislike The Most?
I fail to understand country music.

Do You Have Any Hidden Talents?
I can juggle a bit, have one card trick and can peel an orange in one peel.

If You Wrote An Autobiography What Would You Title It?
Present Day Tomorrow

Favorite Cartoon As A Kid?

Who Is Your Celebrity Crush?
Kate Beckinsale

What Game Show Would You Like To Be On?

What Was The Last Thing That You Googled?
Why is Jeff Cohen so cool?

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