Inside The Huddle: Jeff Cohen, Lacrosse

Inside The Huddle: Jeff Cohen, Lacrosse

Now entering his fifth season as the head coach, Jeff Cohen talks about his career as a Cougar, the seemingly ever-evolving campus and of course lacrosse.

The Sport Of Lacrosse Is Growing Rapidly. What's One Thing You Would Like For People Who Are Just Picking Up The Game To Know?
The history of the game is fascinating to me. I would like the young players to know that the game was invented by Native Americans and played in the mid 1600's.

What Is Favorite Sport Other Than Lacrosse?

What Is Your Fondest Memory Of Playing Lacrosse At Clark?
My fondest memory at Clark was being named captain my junior and senior year.

What Do You Look For When Trying To Identify A Potential Student-Athlete?
While my staff and I are on the road recruiting we try to identify athletes on the field. We want to see players who are competing with 100% effort every time they are on the field. Our belief is that we can teach and develop lacrosse players, but we need athletes who always practice and play hard to ensure we are always improving.

What Is Going Through Your Mind Right Before The Game Starts?
I typically review the overall game plan. Make sure I know the referees names, what our in-game adjustments will be, and then I am usually very excited to roll the ball out.

How Has Clark Changed Since You Graduated? How Has It Stayed The Same?
The overall campus had drastically changed in the past 10 plus years. Almost every building has been modified and improved, and when I left campus, the Dolan Feld House and New Granger Fields hadn't been constructed yet.

What's The One Thing You Want People To Know About Clark Lacrosse?
We are going to improve in every facet of our program on a day to day basis. On and off the field, in the department and in the community we will work each day to make improvements.

What Is The Best Advice You Could Give A First-Year Student-Athlete Who Is In Their First Month Of College?
Enjoy it, or if you are on my team, stay out of trouble.

When Did You Realize You Wanted To Be A Coach?
I have always loved sports and competing is my motivation. My first few years out of college I stayed involved with college athletics because I had trouble letting it go. It wasn't until I was able to coach full time that I realized there wasn't going to be anything else for me.

Best Sporting Event You Ever Attended?
Pats-Texans last year on Monday Night Football because we had front row seats.

If You Could Get Front Row Seats To See Anyone Perform In Concert, Who Would It Be?
Bruce Springsteen.

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