Where Are They Now: Dave McNamara, Men’s Basketball

Where Are They Now: Dave McNamara, Men’s Basketball

Not many players anywhere can boast of the accomplishments that shine prominently on Dave McNamara's resume. More than 1,800 career points in basketball and a .340 career batting average on the diamond. His excellence didn't end when his Clark career did, however. He's still making a difference but now it's from the dugout and in the classroom. 

What is your fondest memory of your playing days at Clark?
The opportunity to play basketball and baseball on some great teams and winning so many playoff and championship games are all great memories.  I even loved going to practice. 

Tell us about your family?
My wife, Julie and I have been married for four years and we live in Holden. She has her own furniture/home décor business that she recently started growing and she teaches in Worcester.  Both of my brothers played some professional baseball. Shaun now scouts for the NY Mets and Jim (who I coached at Anna Maria) has been teaching and coaching in Worcester and at Anna Maria. 

What do you think your coaches at Clark taught you that helps you today as you coach?
The importance of communication and everything that goes along with commitment and hard work certainly helps me today. 

What do you miss most about your playing days?
Being around the guys I played with and all the great times we had.  I'm constantly on the baseball field but I do miss the feeling of being on the basketball court, having the ball when the game is on the line. 

What are some of the biggest changes about Clark since you left?
The campus has really improved and I think it's great for the school. 

Other than coaching what is your full-time position (title, company, responsibilities).
This is my ninth year as a teacher in Worcester.  I'm currently teaching middle school math and I also run baseball camps & clinics during the summer and winter at Anna Maria College. 

You played in two Elite Eights during your basketball career. What do you think was the best basketball game you played in during your time at Clark?
We played in a bunch of tournament games and even hosted an NCAA tournament at Clark.  Beating Catholic to get to the Elite Eight when they were defending National Champs was exciting and we also had a triple over-time win at Amherst during the regular season one year. 

What was your favorite part of being a two-sport athlete?
Always being able to do something I loved and being able to compete at a high level in both sports. 

You and your teammate Trevor Walker made a combined 621 career three-pointers and scored nearly 3,500 points. Who wins in a game of 1-on-1 and why?
You can't score unless you shoot. We iced our arms after basketball games. Whoever has the ball last wins that game, whoever can jack up the last 3! 

Has there ever been something you heard Coach Phillips say when you were a student-athlete that you found yourself saying to your team now?
Yes, plenty of things regarding preparation, work ethic and communication.  Coach Phillips gave me the green light to shoot but occasionally would scream NOOOOO! as I pulled up 1 on 4 from about 5 feet behind the three point line to shoot…  I think I may have winked at him a few times after it went in (haha). I find myself in that type of situation sometimes as a coach.

What felt better to you, scoring 30 points in a game or hitting a homerun and why?
As long as we won, I'd take either one. In my first home basketball game I scored 35 points (John Ginnity may have assisted on every point) and in my last ever at bat, I hit a homerun while our pitcher (Tony Grocia) threw a perfect game! 

You were named GNAC Coach of the Year in 2012 after leading the AMCATS to the ECAC New England Finals and 24 wins. How have you been able to be so successful with some of the facility challenges that your program faces?
Great players! When I started coaching, the previous baseball team had no wins so we had to work much harder than everyone else and we had to make adjustments quickly. After a few years, we broke the school wins record with 26 wins and began competing in playoff and championship games. Not having a field is a challenge but we don't have any time for excuses.

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