30 Seconds On The Clock: Erin O'Neil, Field Hockey

30 Seconds On The Clock: Erin O'Neil, Field Hockey

After a huge clamoring for its return, '30 Seconds On The Clock' is back! Field Hockey captain Erin O'Neil dishes on her love for Clark and a pregame ritual we all would love to see.

Why Clark?
The people, the academics and the community feel... It doesn't get any better than that!


What Is This Best Part Of Going To School On An Urban Campus?
There are a great variety of restaurants in the area and the options are endless. 

If There Was One Thing You Could Change About Clark, What Would It Be?
Definitely the weather, I could do without the 12+ inches of snow.

When Did You Start Playing Field Hockey?
5th grade 

Best Advice You Have Ever Received From A Coach?
Play hard and have fun

Any Pre-Game Rituals?
While I may not have the best dance moves, breaking it down with some teammates in the locker room before a game definitely pumps me up.

In Five Years You Will Be …
Hopefully working a fulfilling job and having fun doing so!

Favorite Vacation Spot?
Cape Cod for the beaches, lobster and family.

Favorite Movie?
Currently loving Pitch Perfect, I'm a huge a cappella fan.

Song That You Can't Get Enough Of?
Feel the Love by Rudimental, it was a huge hit in the UK.

Favorite App?
Can't say I have one seeing as I am one of the few still rocking a basic phone.

Favorite Person To Follow On Twitter?
My roomie, teammate and bff, Tali Fish.

Best Sporting Event You've Ever Attended?
I recently attended a men's field hockey match during my time studying abroad in Scotland which was definitely a cool and new experience. 

If You Could Get Front Row Seats To See Anyone Perform In Concert, Who Would It Be?
Adele, she is so talented.

If You Could Be On Any Magazine Cover, Which One Would It Be?
Food Network Magazine for sure.

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