I Know What You Did Last Summer: On The Diamond

I Know What You Did Last Summer: On The Diamond

Rising junior Michael Eglow spent his summer doing what he loves --- playing baseball. The jack of all trades on the Cougars diamond has played at shortstop, third base and as the catcher – during his first two years in Scarlet and White.

This summer in the capital district, Eglow was busy helping lead the Albany Senators of the Albany Twilight League to their first championship since 2005.

Now with his career path crystalized and an athletic career still on the rise, Eglow can bask in the sun of one championship achieved while in the pursuit of another.

What Was The Most Exciting Thing About Your Summer Experience:
The most exciting thing by far was winning the league championship. However, playing with these guys was so much fun. Playing alongside some of the best guys I have ever played with was a blast.

Career Aspirations:
My first goal is to get into the fifth-year program and receive an MBA. However, my dream job is to become a head scout or coach at the college level. 

How did this come about?
I have always had a passion for baseball. My father dragged me around to many different ballparks since he is involved with a major league organization. For many years I have watched how professionals carry themselves on and off the field and I have always had a desire to learn more about how these players came about.  

How Did Your Summer Experience Help With Your Future Plans:
With all this talent around me this summer it made me wonder how these guys have made it to where they are today. Many of these guys have played baseball just as long as I have if not longer. However, this made me wonder how far I can push myself and what I can do to get better not only as a player but as person.

What was it like to play with different players other than your Clark teammates:
It was defiantly different for sure but we still did all the things that regular ballplayers do. With many of these guys coming from division I and division II programs they defiantly taught me how to make my game better. While playing shortstop for the majority of the summer it taught me how to become a better leader. These guys gave me their insight on what they do to make their college teams better. I want to give my teammates some of the information they gave me so we can make a playoff push just like my summer team did. 

Can you describe your feeling winning the championship.
Wow. It was certainly a feeling I will never forget. Being the last seed in the playoffs and beating the #1 seed in the first round we definitely had the momentum in our favor. All we had to do was keep playing our game and the championship was ours. When it finally happened it was a sign of how hard we worked to earn what was ours.

Moving Forward:
The one thing I took away from this summer was don't ever give up. We clawed our way into the playoffs this summer after a long regular season. We need to have the desire and determination to become better and once we do that I believe we can make a playoff push this spring into the NEWMAC playoffs. 

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