30 Seconds On The Clock: James Conway, Baseball

30 Seconds On The Clock: James Conway, Baseball

Why Clark?
I chose to attend Clark for three reasons. Strong academic reputation, baseball, and the free 5th year program. Coach Falcon also sold me on the school during my recruiting trip.

Business Management.

Future Plans?
Immediate future: Win the NEWMAC and put our team/program back on the map.

What Do You Like Most About Being A Student-Athlete?
The thing I like most about being a student athlete is being on a team. Right now I got a family of 30 or so guys, 6 of which I live with 24/7. And it's nice to know that every one of them has got your back and are there for you at the end of the day.

What Is Your Favorite Part Of Being A Student At Clark?
Clark has given me the opportunity not only to develop into a better scholar but has given me the chance to continue to play and compete at the sport I love. I get to wake up and improve myself every day at both academics and athletics alongside some of my best friends. And that's the best thing about being at Clark.

What Is Your Favorite Class And Why.
It is with my favorite professor, Judy Kenary. She teaches Managerial Communications and she's awesome, one of the nicest people not only at Clark but in the city of Worcester.

What Is The Best Part About Going To School On An Urban Campus?
Worcester has a ton of bomb restaurants that everyone should take advantage of. 

What Is Your Dream Job?
My dream Job would to be one of the Sharks on 'Shark Tank' (great show by the way).

Career Plans?
I'd love to become an Athletic Director of a College or University someday.

If There Was One Thing You Could Change About Clark What Would It Be?
I'd keep that cafe open 24/7 along with the fitness center, which would solve a lot of problems for us student athletes.

Can You Describe The Feeling Of Hitting A Homerun.
When you take the opposing pitcher deep it's a huge shot of adrenaline. But you got to keep your composure when you're rounding the bases and act like you've been there before. It sends a message to the other team that you mean business. Then when you get back to the dugout you let your team do the celebrating for you.

How Hard Is It To Have To Wait As Long As You Do During The School Year Before Your Season Starts?
It's tough. A lot of us play for competitive baseball teams all summer so when you get back on campus you wish that you could just jump right into the season. Especially during the nice weather. But the time off also allows us to develop and strengthen our game.

What Are You Thinking About Right Before You Swing The Bat?
You got to have the proper approach at the plate. So right before I swing the bat I am identifying if the pitch that is being thrown is the same pitch that I am looking for, during that particular count. If I get that pitch I'm thinking extra bases.

It's Late Night At The Bistro. What Are You Getting?
Sweet and Sour Chicken Wrap. Very underrated bistro option.

What Was The Last Song Stuck In Your Head?
The Great American Eagle by the Bash Bros. (Dan Lima & Dave Eschen). Look out for their EP it should be released in the immediate future.

What App Can You Not Live Without?
Tiny Wings. I'm a frequent Flyer.

Favorite TV Show And Way?
Hands down my favorite TV show is Entourage. I sadly re-watched all 8 seasons again this summer in anticipation for the movie that's coming out in 2015.

Name One Thing On Your Bucket List.
I grew up on the ocean, so I've always been big into watersports. I would really like to paddle board along the entire Napali Coast in Hawaii someday.

Who Is Your Favorite Person To Follow On Twitter?
My Boy, Edwin Encarnacion the first basemen of the Toronto Blue Jays. I'm sure when he reads this article he'll give me the follow back. 

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