The Bickman Fitness Center


The Bickman Fitness Center is located off of the Kneller Athletic Center lobby and is set up to fulfill the needs of an active Clark community.

It features multiple pieces of cardiovascular equipment that include treadmills, elipticals, ergometers, and exercise bikes on the upper level and a variety of nautilus and free weight equipment on the lower level.

The free weight equipment consists of multiple exercise machines, Olympic style benches, and a wide array of dumbbells. Recent additions include three new Woodway treadmills, two Matrix functional trainers, and new dumbbells.

In an effort to improve the overall operation of the facility, including better managing the use during peak hours, the following has been implemented:

• Offering orientation sessions for those interested in learning how to use the equipment.

• Varsity athletes to use the rowing room during certain peak hours.

• Allowing users more time (45 minutes) on the aerobics equipment during off-peak hours.  
• Provide a suggestion box for comments.

• Offer 1-2 times a semester when anyone interested can come meet and talk with Center Supervisor.