Student-Athletes Take Part In Academic Spree Day

Student-Athletes Take Part In Academic Spree Day

Academic Spree Day Program

Worcester, Mass. – Nearly 30 student-athletes or students affiliated with the athletics program representing 13 varsity teams took part in the University’s Academic Spree Day on Wednesday, April 23.

Since 1991, Clark undergraduates have presented their research and creative work annually at Academic Spree Day (ASD). During this highlight of the academic year, the Clark community celebrates student work produced under the mentorship of the University's distinguished faculty. Students must be invited to participate by a sponsoring faculty member. During the event undergraduates:

display their research findings
present papers
participate in panel discussions
exhibit artwork in a variety of media
perform musical compositions and theatrical sketches

Below is a list of the student-athletes and their projects:

Lydia Berry, Women’s Swimming & Diving:
Qualitative analysis of a subject’s interpersonal social structure. (Sponsor: Professor Jonathan Derry)

Esther Cohn, Women’s Basketball:
The Moral Considerations of Holocaust Resistance Fighters. (in collaboration with Maggie Campbell, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Johanna Ray Vollhardt)

Ryan Early, Athletics Events Game Personnel:
Political Repercussions of Citizens United Decision. (Sponsor: Professor Mark Miller)

Robert Gammell, Men’s Cross Country:
Effectiveness of Inflation Rate Targeting on Macroeconomic Growth in Developed  and Developing Economies. (Sponsor: Professor Dessislava Slavtcheva)

Kai Glick, Baseball:
Prison Reform in California: Mental Health Issues. Kai Glick ’16 (Sponsor: Professor Mark Miller)

Leah Guliasi, Women’s Swimming & Diving:
Impact of Education on Inequality in Mexico. (Sponsor: Professor John Brown)

Maria Gabriela Jijon-Nemalceff, Women’s Swimming & Diving:
Macroinvertebrate Distribution in Different Land Cover Types in the East Branch Swift River, Petersham, Mass. (Sponsor: Professor John Baker)—LEEP Project

Josh Kent, Men’s Swimming:
Valuing Improvements of Water-Based Recreation. (Sponsor: Professor Rob Johnson)

Kellee Kosiorek, Field Hockey & Rose Koerner, Women’s Soccer:
Interdependence Purpose Development: The Influence of Collectivistic Values. (Sponsor: Professor Seana Moran)

Edmund McCluskey and Tyler Whitesell, Men’s Swimming:
Geometry following Euler, and Symmetries. (Sponsor: Professor Gideon Maschler)

Andrew Musler, Men’s Basketball:
Alternative Models of Stock Prices. (Sponsor: Professor Dessislava Slavtcheva)

Emily Neubig, Women’s Cross Country:
The Role of Culture in Dominican Students Educational Motivation Levels. (Sponsor: Professor Ken MacLean)

Alexandra Niclou, Women’s Rowing:
Cloning of glutathione reductase genes from Xanthobacter autotrophicus PY2. (in collaboration with Yingjiao Wang, graduate student; Sponsor: Professor Heather Wiatrowski)

Jenn O’Rourke, Women’s Soccer:
Identity in Flux: The Construction of Southern Identity through Press Coverage of the Emmett Till Murder and Trial. (Sponsor: Professor Ousmane Power-Greene)

Lucia Pantuosco, Women’s Soccer:
Why Is Peer Support Helpful in the Quest for Purpose? (Sponsor: Professor Seana Moran)

Courtney Pharr, Volleyball:
Modeling Magnetized Plasma. (Sponsor: Natalia Sternberg)

Emma Pierson, Women’s Swimming & Diving:
2014 Betty '79 & Stanley Sultan Short Story Contest (Sponsor: Professor Jay  Elliott) – 1st Place for “Lost and Found”

Saul Ramirez, Baseball:
Insurers’ Ability to Assess Catastrophic Risk. (Sponsor: Professor Wayne Gray)

Hannah Reich, Women’s Swimming & Diving:
Seasonal differences in coral bleaching on South Caicos coral reefs. (Sponsor: Professor John Baker)
The ecology of the freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) in the East Branch of the Swift River. (Sponsor: Professor John  Baker)—LEEP Project

Oliver Samples, Men’s Basketball:
Shall We Spend? A Cross-Country Analysis on the Impact of Government Debt on Economic Growth. (Sponsor: Professor Dessislava Slavtcheva)

Luke Scanlan, Men’s Soccer:
Mega-Events: Investment Opportunities or Precursors to Downturns? (Sponsor: Professor John Brown)

Thomas Snyder, Lacrosse:
Magnetic Properties of Crystalline Solids. (Sponsor: Professor Christopher Landee)  

Cecelia Spencer, Sports Medicine Aide:
The Academic Achievement Gap: Latino Literacy in the U.S. (Sponsor: Professor John Ameer)—LEEP Project

Qui Trinh, Volleyball Student Assistant, Sports Medicine Aide:
Does Stretching Facilitate Athletic Performance? (Sponsor: Professor David Thurlow)

Breanna Tucker, Women’s Swimming:
Painting beyond the surface. (Sponsor: Professor Elli Crocker)

Kent Vorland, Men’s Soccer:
Behind the Scenes of Monetary Policy: an International Comparison. (Sponsor: Professor Dessislava Slavtcheva)

Jeff Wasson, Lacrosse:
Inventing a Foundation Myth: The War of 1812 in Upper Canada. (Sponsor: Professor Drew McCoy)

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